2905, 2019

Can #BlackLivesMatter exist without #AbolishICE?: A look at the need for inclusion of Black immigrants in the fight for racial justice.

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It was in February of 2012 that the shooting and death of an unarmed black teenager in Stanford, Florida  forced all of us to ask the question: “What does it mean to be Black in America?” It was from this simple but loaded question that the #BlackLivesMatter Movement was [...]

1704, 2020

Trans and Incarcerated: Tips for Representing Clients Forced to Live at the Intersection of Transphobia and the Prison Industrial Complex

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I sat in the cold room at the end of the hallway with all sorts of thoughts going through my mind. I had been waiting for my potential client to arrive but it is taking longer than expected.  I noticed everything. Two doors down, a man was communicating with his [...]